Treib einen Farren nach Montpellier,
kommt er heim, er bleibt ein Stier.


Winter Fire

Darkness rules the silent dale,
closer, tighten heart and night.
Magic spends this lovely vale,
caressing us with softened light.

Frozen the field, congealed the hill,
white over, a grey foggy gown.
Dying embers defy the chill,
in paling blue the stars glare down.

Breathless assault the deep desire,
hands follow-on our dream.
Senses engulfed with drunken fire,
naked, lost, such madding stream.

Oh heartless dawn, eternity's demise,
I still savour all your shine.
Seclusion, lonely, there is no rise,
a single night can I call mine.

         (c) 2009