Treib einen Farren nach Montpellier,
kommt er heim, er bleibt ein Stier.

    Longing For ...

The time goes by.
Years have not only gone.
I still felt love,
while hours didn't run.

Paperboats had been fold,
I put them in spring-water.
Now they are sodden, far away and old,
but still burden with my order.

My heart miss him

Going down the stream,
only looking for someone,
who takes for real my dream
which never stopped to run.

My soul miss him

I cross over day by day
for to be close to him at night,
whenever he takes the leading role on stage,
proudly presenting the beauty, the youth - all his might.

I miss him,
Neither I can exchange the seasons nor pass my border.

I look upward the stream.
There's no way back anymore.
I've learned to feel, to keep
him for more and more and more


„My son, I'm back for soothe your pain
like always, at my time, I've done before.
Feelings you are trying to explain, to him,
let me say, there are no words to be for“.

Her smile is warm, she takes my hands, looks into my eyes

„Believe me - this means for real - longing for.“
         (c) 2009